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Aquaculture Equipment

We can supply everything you need from the

small home system right through to the commercial sized facility;

There are so many variables, it’s too BIG to list here!

So call/email us for a solution that is tailored to suit your requirements: 

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Air Diffusers | Alarm Systems | Aquaponic equipment and information | Bacteria Starter Culture | Bio-filtration | Bird Netting | Books – Specialist Subjects & General | CD/DVD Educational Consultation | DVD’s – tutorial and virtual farm tours | Educational Materials & School Curriculum | Fish Feeds | Feeders – Auto | Filtration Equipment | Fish Fingerlings – Silver Perch – Murray Cod – Barramundi | Fish – Aquaculture Live or Chilled | Hand Nets – all sizes |  Hatchery Needs | Heaters | Hydro/Aquaponics equipment | Instructional DVD | Medication | Meters all applications Monitoring Equipment | Nets & Mesh – all sizes | Ozone Generators | Oxygen concentrators | Predator Control | Pilot Aquaculture & Aquaponic Facilities | Pumps -Water/Air | Recirculation Systems | Scales | Surface Aerator | Tanks – All Sizes | Test Kits – pH, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia etc. | UV Sterilization | Water Conditioner to prepare your bio-filter


Knowledgeable, Experienced, Personal Service

Quality Products at Competitive Prices with FAST DELIVERY where possible

Large Commercial to Small Home Systems

We handle International Exports and Local Deliveries

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